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Learning Curve...

At the beginning, I assume that photo editing is for people who want to modify or change the whole photo completely different way. As I have mention the previous post, I have never edit the photos, I always thought taking the photos direct from the camera is a COMPLETED job done!

I have never realized until like a few weeks ago, photo taking is just the beginning, and editing is the almost final process. In other word, photo taking is like going to groceries store to buy stuffs and photo editing is the way of people cooks in the kitchen, the final process is the presentation or the photo printing. Right now I am only on Step 1!

Now, Step 2: Photo Editing. It is huge challenge to me, it is not about how difficult to edit, it is about how do I know it is looking GOOD! During the process, I thought it looks GOOD from the computer! and the next day, Hmm, I should change it! Then, I would be regret the change next day because I export the original already. (Another lesson learn is Always have it duplicate and export the duplicate, not the original one!!)

After I have learning from YouTube, I have learned that photo editing is about how to make the photo better and more interesting. I also have learned the RAW photo is better for editing due to they have retained the most information in one picture! (that's news to me! I thought higher quality JPEG is better!) So, I changed my camera setting with RAW + High Quality JPEG! (it takes LOTS of Space!)

Now, there are still lots of stuffs to learn! From the white balance to the add warmth or cooling to straightening and even removing the objects from the photos!

It is still an interesting learning process I have facing now.

Before the photo edit.

AFTER Editing.

By comparing with two photos above, I like the clouds of the pre-edit but I do not like the clouds on post-edit. On the pre-edit, it is too dark at the bottom, but on post-edit, it is better and brighten, and I can see the details )

The next step would be HOW do I edit the photo partially, rather than full edit. It is my next challenge.

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