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I have learned a thing or two...until today...

Since my first solo trip in Iceland, around October 2015, 4 years ago, I was starting to learn about photography with my very first iPhone.

I was reviewing all of the photos from Iceland trip today. I realized that there are so many photos I would say, "pretty bad", "not good enough", "should do this way rather than this", all kinds of comments to myself. Strangely, the 2015 me was very satisfied about these pictures, I was feeling very confident at that time, "Wow, that's good one!", and now I realized that I have learned so much already without even knowing I was learning about taking photos.

With my very first long exposure photo, from what I have learn in YouTube, (There are tons of amazing talents photographer YouTubers! I learned so much from them! Thanks a lots!), Obviously, first thing of all, lighting is wrong! It is too dark to me. It was beautiful day at that time, but I have no idea why is it look so dark and cloudy! The wooden board is too blurry, I don't even remember if I was too cold to hold it steady. (I just place it against the board, or on the board, rocks, anywhere I can hold it steady and support.), the waterfall is far too blurry, I feel I was being overly long exposure for this picture.

I am not saying I am getting good at photography, I still have so much to learn and still struggling on how to get the light right, get the adjustment correctly and so on. But at least right now, at this moment, I can say I Should Do It Differently!

Another lesson I have learned throughout my travelling, including the most recent one in 2018, I SHOULD ALWAYS take multiple photos of the SAME photos with different techniques, instead of taking of only ONE or TWO. Now I understand why do people always takes tens of same pictures.

My very first photo with an iPhone.. There are so many things gone wrong! I should do it differently to fix the lighting, exposure and everything else!

Photography is a lifelong learning process!

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