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How did I end up with photography?

Well, I started to like take “photos” with my iPhone about two or three years ago. I use the quotations with "photos" because before that, I called it as snapshots, I never cared about the lighting, the f-stop, and all of the photography technical words. All I want to capture and save. That's it!

So, three or four years ago, it was my first time to travel to Iceland as solo traveller. I do not own any equipment that defined as camera, I only have the iPhone on my hand. I want to have WOW-effects images! About 20 days before the trip (Yes, I was so underprepared), I started to google how to take the picture of northern lights (Aurora Borealis). That is my goal at that time! I was so overwhelmed and couldn’t understand a word about capturing the images. By the time until I was in Iceland. I use the basic of the basic and simple techniques (turn the light brighter when it is dark or use specialized app for long exposure, do not use zoom when using iPhone, etc) that I learned from random websites to take pictures with my phone. The outcomes is pretty satisfied at that time considered myself as an extremely novice photographer. At least I took time to capture the moment! Instead of just tap the phone and done!

Eventually it becomes my hobby. I would never knew myself to be deep into photography nowadays. Today, I am continuing to learn about photography.

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