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ONE           Pétur Gunnarsson

on earth's part 
all days start beautifully 
patiently it revolves and revolves
with its trees 
and oceans and lakes
deserts and volcanoes
the two of us and the rest of you
and all the animals" 

Travelling is in my Blood.​

Photography is my Passion.

I remembered my first time travelling is went to Bangkok, Thailand when I was a kid, maybe 6 or 7 years old. It completely opened my eyes, and I couldn't believe how different it is from my home. Their delicious food, their language, and the weather! 

I also love to take photos with my iPhone and the camera. Through the lens, I can show you the world! I cannot express how stunningly beautiful the Earth is. I want to let you know I am not a professional photographer. And I am still learning a bit and a bit about photography every day. I will continue to make mistakes and correct them. 

I want to keep widen my horizon, continuing to explore further undiscovered lands on the earth. 

My ultimate goal is to use the lens to show you the beauty of landscapes and nature on every corner of the Earth.

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